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Nest Power Connector

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Energy Star label

ENERGY STAR® certified product.

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The easy and affordable alternative to installing a C-wire for Nest Thermostats.

What is the Nest Power Connector?

Nest thermostats are designed to work without a C-wire. However, some heating and cooling systems use a C-wire to give consistent power. If your home doesn’t have a C-wire installed and you find that your system needs one, the Nest Power Connector is an easier and more affordable option for powering Nest thermostats, and it doesn’t require new wiring.

Energy Star

Nest Power Connector

Cost Less than a New C-Wire

The Nest Power Connector is an affordable alternative at $24.99. It costs much less than hiring an electrician to install a new c-wire.

Do all Thermostats need it?

For Nest Thermostats

Nest Thermostat Heating

Heating-only, cooling-only, heat pump, and zone controlled systems will need a Nest Power Connector or C-wire.

Other Nest Thermostats

Nest Learning Thermostat Heating

As some homes may not have a continuous power supply, a Nest Power Connector may be needed if you have a heating-only, cooling-only, heat pump, or a zone controlled system.

Nest Power Connector Install

With Simple Instructions You can install Yourself.

Connect your thermostat to Wi-Fi to control the temperature from your phone, tablet or laptop.

No drills, No mess

Using existing wires that connect thermostats to HVAC systems, the Nest Power Connector attaches directly to the furnace, air handler or zone controller — whichever is applicable for the home. It means you won’t need to have holes drilled and wires pulled through your walls.

A neat finish

Nest Power Connectors come with a sticky pad for a mess-free installation.

Thoughtfully designed

It also has an IP51 rating, which means it’s resistant to dust and water, and is made from 46% recycled plastic.

Find out if your home requires the Nest Power Connector to be compatible with the Nest thermostat here.

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Nest Power Connector

Nest Power Connector

Your Price: $24.99
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